MP3 Torpedo Features

Download your favorite music, videos, games, and more with MP3 Torpedo P2P file sharing software. Here are couple features that make MP3 Torpedo a must have application:

  • Faster Transfers: enhanced and more reliable downloads using new methods and technologies.
  • Improved Resources: optimizes computer’s performance by lowering CPU usage.
  • Faster Connections - new host support improved for multiple P2P connections on the networks.
  • Most Powerful Version for FREE
  • More Search Results
  • Faster Downloads
  • TURBO Acceleration
  • Better Download Success
  • Smart User Interface
  • Easy to Install & Use
  • Easy Searches P2P Networks
  • Easy Sharing

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Cool sharing client, nice download speeds. It packs great features and it`s very simple to use. I would recommend it!

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Mp3 Torpedo is easy to install & use. Easy searches P2P networks, easy sharing. A great alternative to LimeWire

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If you want files quickly try MP3 Torpedo! Share and download anything with high speed! It's clean & free!